IoT solutions

taken to new heights

It is hard to find anything more hyped than IoT. It is a buzz word in almost every article nowadays. However, very few have a clear road map of what the actually want and how it should work. "What is IoT?" is the question to answer before evaluating any technology. A definition is necessary. The next question to answer is: "What is it good for?"  Many talk about IoT without thinking about how it actually will be used in their applications, and what the real benefits will be for the users. A third question should be: "Can it be used for my application?" And the fourth, but definitely not least: "Can it work across applications and on different networks?"

We say the Internet of Things is when Things talk to you and Things talk to each other. When Things have built in intelligence enough to know what they are and how they work so the user need not bother. When Things can be monitored and controlled, wherever they are, and wherever in the world you are. When Things can function over multiple networks. When the user does not need to worry about the security and integrity of their systems. When the same solution works seamless on old upgraded legacy systems, brand new systems, or any combination of them.

Also important for companies in need of a solution is a range of business models, from which the most suitable can be chosen. No one wants to be locked into proprietary software. A menu of solutions, some of which work out of the box, without any internal development are suit most CIOs. For some organizations, an IoT solution, integrated with internal development is strategically important, while others see the benefit of getting full turn-key solution.consumer example