Outstanding Security

One of the main problems – if not the main problem - with IoT today is the lack of security.

Many companies and managers recognize the immediate benefit of IoT integration of their different devices, with always on Internet connectivity.

But what is the cost of a production line standing still? A production stop can cost millions every hour. So what happens if someone hacks your production facility and forces a shutdown? A cleanup can be very expensive. These security concerns are hindering progress and investment in IoT today. Also, making a system bulletproof often results in complicated and cumbersome security processing, slowing innovation and regular maintenance.

We provide a solution with top-class security, built-in from the very beginning. At the same time it is plug-and-play and does not get in the way of normal operations. Best of all, it works with existing networks and cables/wireless:

Secure nodes
  • Hard to secure and authenticate individual dumb devices
    End-point nodes only communicates on Modbus
    No Internet access for individual devices
    No direct outside access
    Powerline network secured with 128 AES encryption
    Randomly generated and autoconfigured key
Secure Central Unit
  • Patched, updated, stripped and hardened Linux
    Encrypted and authenticated https interfaces
    Encrypted and authenticated https/VPN to cloud service
Cloud Services
  • Secure, reliable design
    Proven: No intrusions in last 14 years