One platform complete integration


Many larger corporations today do not provide one solution for every business requirement. They provide a different app or webpage for each business unit. Why not gather all your needs and requirements under one umbrella, and implement one platform that can service all your needs? The synergies are obvious. A simple calculation easily shows that this is the most cost effective solution. 

For smaller and midsize companies that perhaps only have one business unit in need of an IoT solution, why spend time and money to development your own solution? We have the solutions that will significantly reduce your time to market and development cost.

Our solutions provide a complete portfolio covering industry, home, commercial, facilities automation. All of these are important today’s developing IoT market. Whatever your business is, our solutions work, and they work well. 

As an example, if you are providing B2B industrial solutions (e.g. sensor integration) and B2C for automatic domestic appliances, they can all be based on the same software platform. In the long run, it lowers your development cost, applications and code can be reused, and everything integrates easily. You only need one platform, one solution to update and develop