Home Automation Solutions

Home automation needs rock solid plug-and-play for consumers. OEMs require short time to market, standards support, and solid, updated security of of the box.

The OLTOM product collection is not locked to a specific vendor or technology. It is a a complete solution for industry, home, and commercial property automation. One platform and one solution for complete integration.
Plug and play is provided for IoT devices, each device is automatically identified, with capabilities, sensors and actuators. No central database needed.
An option central cloud application can control and gather statistics from several installations (e.g. several properties). It also schedules actions to e.g optimize power usage during off peak hours.
Powerline the technology most suitable for home automation (2% new, 98% old buildings). We also support Ethernet, KNX, Modbus, WiFi, Zigbee, as well as LTE/GSM uplinks.