We think globally

global is inherent in the phrase Internet of things

The phrase IoT, Internet of Things, is in itself global. Our opinion is that any IoT solution that is not working on a global scale is a contradiction in terms. It should work local for small business, but should be no means be confined to this if an uscaling is on itsway. On the contrarey, it should be fully prepared from day one to become cross continental and global with the need to make any changes in the core technology.  

Our solution is exactly this. It gives a global reach from day one, if so desired. It works perfect for small localized solutions. It can at any time be upscaled to cover larger gepgraphical areas, all up to the choice of the provider using our technology. 

We see no reason why the same control av devices that work on the train to work or from different workspaces within the same city could not work sitting on the other side of earth. And this with the same internet security as when accessing your system from the room next door. 

It should not matter if it is supervising an industrial process or checking the moisture level on yuor attic at home. The same rules shoul apply and the same eas of access should apply. At the same time that the need for security is equally important.