scientific and risk assessment

Risk assessment is something used in industrial processes. This is one of the reasons and main obstacles to get a full break through of IoT solutions within industry. What happens if someone breaks into a factory and gets it to halt in product? It might cost millions every hour. Even worse, what happens if someone manages to hack a chemical plant and perhaps make a change in chemical mixture in a process? It could be fatal for staff and the surroundings.  

Even if some do, it is not unusual to not have the expertize in these crucial questions. The knowledge of the costs of a productions standstill or faulty industrial processes is often well known and analyzed, but the real dangers and risk with IoT in these circumstances is very often not. 

Within the use of IoT for private citizens and consumers the knowledge of internet security is often very low. And for good reasons. The topic is very complex and can not be expect to be covered by any other than true experts in the field. A consumer product with built in IoT functionality should not burden the consumer with the need f this kind of expertize. The consumer needs only two things: 

  1. A very high degree of security for their IoT devices.
  2. A very easy way to activate new IoT device to obtain maximum security.

We believe our technology fullfills both these demands. Actually this is not only true for consumers. With the slimmed organizations of todays work place there is very little time to fiddle with anything. New device atached to a system hould be up and running with very little effort.