Frequently asked questions

Q. Why not connect every IoT device to the Internet?

  • Having every single device directly connected to the public Internet is a security nightmare
    Having one single Central Unit provides one gateway, secured with strong authentication and encryption

Q. Why KNX?

KNX is frequently used for building automation, especially smaller installations.

KNX is very easy to install, due to prepackaged device databases with a central registry controlled by the KNX Association.

Q. Why Modbus?

  • Modbus is the open standard for building automation
    Lots of software, solution and Modbus enabled devices are available, e.g. heating, airconditioning, water pumps, moisture sensors etc.

Q. Why Powerline networking?

  • Cable networking is significantly more reliable than radio
    Zigbee and WiFi use unlicensed frequencies that frequently get interrupted, e.g. microwave ovens, cordless phones and toys all interfere
    Powerline networking reach devices outside radio coverage, e.g. heating, and plumbing equipment in cellars