OLTOM Kalender

◆ Efficient Energy. Control and lower the energy consumption for heating, cooling, and lighting for all your facilities.
◆ Efficient Staff.  Manage and view everything from your current location. The only thing you need is an internet connection.
◆ Efficient IT. The system is completely automatic and connected to your existing schedule and booking in Microsoft Outlook/Exchange. No need for any new programs, accounts, or passwords to remember.

Schedule Heating, Cooling and Ventilation in Your Standard Outlook Calendar

With OLTOM Kalender you can turn on and off any desired SCADA function within your organization’s regular calendar and booking system.
Just book a room or function in the calendar. Our system will then turn on heating, ventilation and/or lighting at the proper time, and with the desired lead time. Of course everything is turned off when the room is not in use.

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No Limits

As long as the devices can be controlled via existing SCADA standards for au-tomation, OLTOM Kalender can control the system.
The system is not locked to any automation vendor. Instead, any controllable function can be scheduled in the calendar. We or our partners provide services for automating existing legacy systems.

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Technical Information

OLTOM Kalender consists of the central unit OLTOM CU, connected via Modbus TCP eller KNX over Ethernet to the controlled devices.
A user account for OLTOM CU is added to Mi-crosoft Exchange or Exchange Online. The user ac-count needs read access on the rooms and devices to be scheduled.
Objects to be scheduled are added to Exchange or Exchange Online as rooms. Permissions for adminis-trators to make bookings and schedule functions are set in Exchange.
OLTOM CU polls the Exchange server every 15 minutes for any changes to the schedule. The time interval can be changed. A copy of the schedule is stored locally, therefore the system will continue working even if there are temporary network outag-es.
The configuration of OLTOM CU is done via a menu driven interface, where the Exchange account, Modbus and/or KNX connections are added.
OLTOM CU can either be master and directly control devices, or act as a slave, polled by existing automations systems such as a PLC.
Only on and off events are managed by OLTOM Kalender. Flow values, temperatures, and other set-points are configured in the actual devices or sepa-rate PLCs.
The lead and delay times for on and off events are configurable.
Lighting is controlled via KNX/DALI or Modbus/DALI bridges, depending on the installed automa-tion system.
Several different functions (different bits, coils, and registers) can be controlled with a single book-ing. The devices to be controlled from a single book-ing are specified during setup.
Bridges for Modbus RTU, KNX or DALI over twisted pair are available on request.
OLTOM CU requires 12-24V, can be mounted on DIN rails, is fanless, and works from 0 to 50 Centi-grade.