OLTOM IoTenkel

IoTenkel Product Description

Connect your IoT devices and controllers over the Internet with our IoTenkel product suit. 

Simple plug and play connectivity

  1. Preconfigured for your environment. Just plug and play.
  2. Run your own virtual IoT cloud, supporting your customers.
  3. Or use our highly available cloud to connect your devices.

World class scalability:

  1. Scalable from single to millions of IoT devices.
  2. Choice of hardware for office, outdoor or harsh industrial environments.
  3. Choice of cable, fiber or wireless (LTE and/or Wi-Fi) connections.Based on Cisco™ hardware.


  1. World class encryption.
  2. Use https (SSL) VPNs to connect over any type of network.
  3. Support with security updates and bug fixes.

Cost effective:

  1. From USD 200 per connected network.
  2. No vendor lock-in.
  3. As IoTenkel uses standard technology it interoperates with other networks.

Do you want a simple plug-and-play experience or full control? Depending on your needs we either provide preconfigured devices for your networks or help you set up your own IoT cloud for larger installations. In the first case you just plug in a preconfigured box in each IoT network. We host all necessary infrastructure to connect everything.

You can continue using your familiar PLC controllers or software just as if the devices were connected locally. Do you want full control over the entire infrastructure? If so we help you set up your own IoT cloud with fault tolerance. Everything you need, with templates for easily adding new devices and networks. Your technicians can be trained once, or regularly to understand and support the system. IoTenkel is completely flexible: Start with our simple hosted solution, and migrate to your own cloud infrastructure later.


 CIsco819 002

 Cisco3000 002

IoTenkel is scalable and cost effective. Choose the device appropriate for your environment: office, industrial or outdoor.


CiscoSSLvpn 002

Connect your IoT installations in a secure, plug-and-play hub-spoke network. We take care of all the infrastructure, configuration and setup. Access from individual computers is available for technicians needing it.